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About Us

MCAT was formed in the spring of 2011 with the purpose of raising awareness and creating a network of resources for survivors of sex trafficking. It was founded by Rachael Yudt in collaboration with the Office of State Senator Daylin Leach. Since then, the coalition has undergone phases of growth and change. It is currently comprised of community members, social service organizations, law enforcement agencies, and local experts. It is now the leading authority on human trafficking in Montgomery County.

Human trafficking is the second largest criminal industry in the world and the fastest growing. In order to make an impact, it is critical that we educate as many people as possible. “Montgomery County is the third largest county in Pennsylvania, the second wealthiest county in the Commonwealth and the 51st wealthiest in the United States. With just under 800,000 people living in its 487 square miles, Montgomery County is home to scores of major employers in pharmaceuticals, banking, manufacturing, healthcare and education.” MCAT is the leading authority on human trafficking in the county. With the combined experience and strength of service providers, law enforcement officials, and experts in the area that form the coalition, any single organization pales in comparison.